I'm Pete

I'm a passionately open-minded and highly creative renaissance guy based in Bristol

I don't believe in quietly giving up on the things that bring us the most fulfillment in life

"Pete is the most motivated individual I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Not only is he incredibly driven but his desire for success overflows to the point that he will encourage the success of those around him."

- Tim B.

We're all uniquely remarkable and we're all capable of achieving the goals we set ourselves

All it takes is a desire to grow, a bit of dreaming and a bloody good life coach to help you get there

Effective life coaching involves more than just a fancy suit and a lot of big promises...

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"Pete stepped into my life and held the space so that I could understand myself better. His calm demeanor along with his positive approach and gentle questioning facilitated me in a conversation with myself that, I have no doubt, has led me to a happier, more fulfilled me."

- Jay B.

My coaching is a fun, collaborative and down-to-earth process.

We'll utilise mindful inquiry, creative thinking and persistent trial and error to empower you to unleash your desired change.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

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My coaching specializations


Your life is precisely that, yours.

It can have a style all its own.

Your sense of happiness depends upon how much fulfillment you feel like you are getting from your life.

Your life doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter copy of what everyone else is doing.

Your life can be exactly how you want it to play out.

Let’s play around with how you want to stylize it.


Career development in the 21st-century needs to be super smart, highly flexible and open to constant redevelopment.

The upside of today’s career complexities is that they offer you more professional customizability.

Your career is going to take up a sizeable portion of your life, so you might as well shape it into a profession that you actually enjoy doing.

Let’s get to work figuring out a successful career paradigm that works for you.


Education elevates you out of ignorance and opens you up to countless growth opportunities.

Education and re-education routes are varied and widely accessible today. Navigating your education path can be confusing and costly, if you don’t know what you are doing.

I developed my entire career off the back of building my own self-directed education.

Let’s craft an education path that is right for you.

I've spent my whole life figuring things out by fucking things up...

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"I would highly recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to make a change. My sessions have given me the confidence to take the next step in changing my career, as well as changing my mindset into being a more positive one. Thank you Pete!"

- Alice R.


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